General presentation of the profession

An important part of the Accommodation Manager’s job consists of managing the financial budget of the rooms: managing costs and revenues and preparing provisional budgets… But their main task is to ensure the establishment is as fully booked as possible. In order to maximise the number of occupied rooms, they check the quality of the services and the organisation of the various tasks to be carried out (in collaboration with the service managers). They can decide on new ways of working, or offer new services to attract a wider clientele (breakfast room service from very early in the morning, cable channels and internet, for example.)

The keys to success at this job

The Accommodation Manager directs floor and reception staff and participates in their recruitment and training. By always aiming to maximise the occupation of rooms, the Accommodation Manager contributes to the sales policy of the hotel: development of tariffs, publicity actions, promotion operations, public relations… They know how to innovate and gain from new initiatives. Finally, by working with the other members of the management team, they ensure that general policy is adhered to. The Accommodation Manager is a versatile person!

Required Skills

– Good management skills
– A commercial sense
– Team leadership skills
– Ability to take initiative
– Fluency in several foreign languages


The goal of any Accommodation Manager is to be promoted to Hotel Manager. They can also find opportunities abroad, in the large luxury hotels that recognise French professions.

Salary range

The salary varies a lot depending on the size and standing of the establishment. The Accommodation Manager usually earns a gross monthly salary of between €2,000 and €3,200.


Jerome Ayala

« I am currently on a professional mission as part of my dissertation on the development of sales and new technology. »

Elise Lu
EB & MBA 2

« After various experiences in the luxury sector, including the Parisian hospitality trade, I decided to take off for the Mediterranean society »