Catering manager


General presentation of the profession

The Catering Manager is above all else a manager. They are in charge of the whole hotel catering business (restaurants, bars, room service and sometimes banquet service). Their responsibility also includes the kitchen, the pantry, the wine cellar and the company shop.
They define and monitor the allocated budget in order for the establishment to run smoothly. In collaboration with the chef, they make the purchases, develop the menus and fix the prices of the dishes on offer.

The keys to success at this job

Along with the Director, the Catering Manager defines the business policy and the niche the establishment occupies, whether a themed restaurant, “bistro”, or gastronomic cuisine… A person with appropriate experience, including public relations, they give the orders for advertising campaigns or VIP events and thus contribute to the image of the restaurant.
Another facet of the job concerns staff management: recruitment, training and day-to-day management.
The Catering Manager never neglects the clients, ensuring their satisfaction and the smooth running of the service provided.

Required Skills

– Good management skills
– Developed commercial skills
– Rigour, organisation
– Leadership skills
– Flexibility


The Catering Manager may aim for the same position but in a larger establishment. They can then become the manager of several hotels in the same group, and manager of an increasingly extensive geographical area. Another option is to open your own hotel and restaurant.

Salary range

The range is very wide. On average, the gross monthly salary of a Catering Manager is around €2,875. This remuneration largely depends on the size and the smooth running of the establishment.


Jerome Ayala

“I am currently on a professional mission as part of my dissertation on the development of sales and new technology.”

Elise Lu
EB & MBA 2

“After various experiences in the luxury sector, including the Parisian hospitality trade, I decided to take off for the Mediterranean society”