CMH Alumni

a network of former students

With more than 11 000 alumni in Europe and abroad, the cmh network supports our students and promotes worldwide exchanges.



The Alumni community represents a selection of our students’ employers and looking at the needs of businesses by directly training employable graduates, which is a policy inscribed in CMH’s DNA.

Therefore, the Alumni play a very important part in influencing our courses, our research policy and our international strategy. As such, they are present on our various committees.

A network of ambassadors to help the school expand.

Because they are able to create links and connections with students and graduates around the world, students and Alumni form an important network of ambassadors. A convenient and quick way to seek advice, increase the school’s exposure, and share good practices.


Jérome Ayala

“I am currently on a professional mission as part of my dissertation on the development of sales and new technology.”

Elise Lu
EB & MBA 2

“After various experiences in the luxury sector, including the Parisian hospitality trade, I decided to take off for the Mediterranean society”